Boat storage in Albury


Boat Storage Albury

Secure & Flexible Boat Storage

Do you need boat storage in Albury? Grice offers boat storage at our storage facilities with a range of storage units that can fit all sizes of boats. With a range of dry and secure storage spaces, we are able to accommodate boats of any shape or size. Our service is affordable, easy and accessible so you can rest easy knowing your boat is in good hands and available when you need it.

With our facilities located in Albury, we also provide boat storage for Wodonga residents as well.

We offer a dry and secure storage option for your boat in Albury and Wodonga. Grice storage offers you a secure, easy and flexible service for all your storage needs.

Protected Boat Storage Facilities In Albury

Boats are a great investment, but they can become damaged if they’re stored outdoors for long periods of time. While vinyl covers are protective, they cannot block out all UV rays and other damaging effects over time. When you use one of our boat storage facilities, you can rest assured in knowing that your property is being fully protected from not only the sun’s harmful UV rays, but also all inclement weather, such as rain, hail and wind. Your boat will be preserved for longer and will be ready to use as soon as you need it.

Easily Accessible Boat Storage Space

When the winter months set in and you have no place to store your boat, there is plenty of space at Gricey's place. Is there no place at home to store your boat and car? With easy access 7 days a week, why not store it in a secure, dry facility and pick it up when you want to use it. When you’re ready to use it, you use your own lock and key to get it during our trading hours.

Call us today for your boat storage needs

We are always here to serve when you need us. Give us a call on 02 6025 6888, and we will get you started on securing your own boat storage facility today.