There are a number of reasons why you might want to a short term storage solution for storing items or belongings. 

For whatever reason, you'll want to keep a few options in mind when choosing how and where to store your items.

Storage in Wodonga is generally defined as storage for three months or less or you can store your things long term. 

You might want to be able to access your belongings sooner rather or later. You will have to keep the following in mind when choosing a suitable storage facility. 

How much space you will need is one of the most important factors of choosing any storage solution, short or long term. 

Using an online storage size calculator can help you choose the right size unit that will keep your belongings safe from damage.

Storage location and access, cost efficiency, term flexibility and storage security theses all play a very important part if the storage of your belongings.

At Grice Storage, our storage facility in Wodonga has been in the storage and removal business for many years. We have all the expertise and packing supplies to make your storage process easy storage in Wodonga have a large stock of boxes and tape to meet your every need. 

Our storage in Wodonga facility has everything you need at one location.

Our Albury self-storage lockers come in all sizes to suit all items you may want to store on a short term or long term basis.

Grice Storage in Wodonga Removals also has the facility to store your belongs over a long period of time. We have self-storage units for varied sizes to accommodate a wide range of needs storage in Wodonga has space for larger items. 

Not only those that are packed in boxes as car, caravan, boat or motorbike owners might need need extra garage space. 

We can accommodate vehicles of any type or size.

We have the correct packing and storage supplies when you do decide to put your items in storage. Keeping your belongings securely boxed will protect them from water and weather damage or from being crushed or flattened.

You can rely on Grice storage in Wodonga to provide world-class supplies and storage facilities. You can rest assured and have peace of mind that your household items, books, furniture, blankets and other valuable items remain in good condition during the duration of their storage in their facilities.  

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