Saving the planet suddenly comes into focus for many Australians, you may start to worry that your plans to move home may be environmentally unsound.

Moving home has always been one of the most wasteful things that you can do, but if you want to start making a difference, then you need to speak to Grice Self Storage, expert removalists in Albury who can help you to be more environmentally sound.

The problem with moving

The main environmental issues with moving involve the amount of materials that are discarded during the process.

From old furniture that is thrown away for brand-new, or all of the non-recyclable packing materials that are used, to the amount of travelling to and from your new residence, environmental damage is extremely common. However, there are things that you can do.

Move as little as possible

One of the best ways to be more eco-friendly when moving is to move less. The more items that you have to transfer between buildings, the more packing material will be used and the more it will cost you.

Grice Self Storage recommend donating the majority of your goods to charity or worthy causes. Try to recycle as much of your unwanted items as possible.

Eco-friendly packing

Removals packing is not very environmentally friendly, and this means that you need to take steps to find alternative ways to pack your items to be moved.

Grice Self Storage can advise you on environmentally sound packaging, and replacement fillers such as towels, clothes and bedding. 

Carry items securely

One way to do this is to hire boxes from specialist companies, or buy moving boxes that you will then use for another purpose.

If you do have to use cardboard boxes, make sure to recycle them when you are finished using them.

You can also use alternatives such as suitcases, bin liners which can be retained for use in bins, or even using dustbins to carry your goods to your new home.

Clean your new home safely

The first thing that you want to do with your new home is to clean it up. After your Grice Self Storage removalists in Albury have left, you can start using eco-friendly cleaning methods, including baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar.

Combining these with water or olive oil can help you remove dirt.

For more information, or to book eco-aware removal teams, speak to us online today, or call 02-6025-6888 now.

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