Our Top Tips To Getting The Most Out Of Your Storage Space

We all know that storage in Wodonga is cheap, but that doesn't mean you should go throwing your money around. Our prices at Grice Self Storage are the very best in the area, but even we think you shouldn't be frivolous. Before you come to us for a great price, see if you can maximise the storage space you already have.

1. Foldable Crates and Boxes

Get yourself some boxes that fold up. They can be used for your temporary storage items. For example, if you are moving things from one room to another, you can put your items into foldable crates. You may also stack the crates for better temporary storage, and you may fold up and store the crates when you are finished.

2. Vacuum Sealing Bags for Clothes

Clothes can take up a lot of room. You can do things like store your seasonal clothes in vacuum bags. These are bags where you use your vacuum to draw out all the air and keep it out. This reduces the amount of space your clothes take up, and it helps to keep them from aging prematurely.

3. Store Your Most-Used Items at the Front

Even in simple scenarios, you should store your most used items at the front. This even counts in your kitchen when you put things like your Wok at the very back, because you use it less often and your frying pan at the front.

4. Put Things Away Messy

If you know you are going to leave some things messy in the future, then plan for it. If you cannot be bothered to fold your clothes, then buy many different drawers and put them in as you please. If you never sort out your cutlery, then do not use a separator. Just put them in a wooden box so you can grab at them whenever you need them.

5. Go Upwards

As you run out of space, start adding more shelves. Add taller shelves that go up the ceiling. Add shelves that are attached to your wall and have them going up higher and higher. One of the biggest restrictions is how much space you have on the floor. Yet, a single space on the floor can be used multiple times if there are shelves stacked on it.

6. Pack Bulky Items Vertically

If you have large and bulky items, then pack them vertically and at the back. You are probably not going to need them as often as your other items and stacking vertically typically takes up the least amount of room while taking advantage of the “Go Upwards” method.

Are There Any Other Options?

You could always sell your stuff and then you wouldn’t need the storage space. With that said, if you do need storage in Wodonga, then get in touch with us here at Grice Self Storage for a good price.

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